Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services

PARP Online Evidence Submission System (POESS)

POESS User Guide

Welcome to the Property Assessment Review Panel (PARP) Online Evidence Submission System (POESS).

You are here because you wish to file evidence on-line in relation to your property assessment complaint to be heard before a Property Assessment Review Panel.

To use this system you will need your 2020 Notice of Assessment which was sent to you by BC Assessment in early January 2020.  

On the front of your Notice of Assessment, in the top right corner, you will find your property assessment roll number and PIN which are required to proceed further on this page.

Your PIN number is only located on the 2020 Notice of Assessment.  The appeal number found on the Notice of Hearing is a different number and is not required to log in.  Please only use the PIN number found on the 2020 Notice of Assessment as shown below.

Please follow the instructions and prompts below to log in to the PARP Online Evidence Submission System.

If you are having any issues using this system, please consult the POESS User Guide for assistance.

Start by selecting an area. Your area information is located in the top right portion of your assessment notice as show in the following image.

Area         Jurisdiction       

 Roll Number     PIN